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GTSC is a private company with a high degree of progressive and professional competence with result oriented performance in our field of specialization. Our organization, which is consisted of a qualified and professional team and by having an outstanding leadership has proofed itself and deserved hallmark in the domestic and international Linguistic Geographer.



  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and interpret among the nations in order prevent the misunderstandings and bring generosity, liberty and prosperity to every human being.
  • To provide innovative and cost effective services, this is un-imaginable for the customers.
  • To provide better quality is the basic necessity for the customers, we are keen to reduce the inconsistency by working hard and giving training to our technical translators,
  • We consider the human Rights.
  • To maintain a lead in the competitive market and passing the benefits of value addition to the end users.


  • We are quality oriented
  • We do not compromise on quality
  • We have proved ourselves in the market
  • We are outstanding in the current market

We continuously strive not only to meet the requirements of the Donor Agency but also to cross their expectations. Thorough understanding of all facts and complexities of the translation process like translating, proofreading, editing QA check, Certification and Notarization that assures the clients,we are fully conscious that a particular project is completed below the budget limit and with high quality of work.

We adopt policy of “Zero Error” backed and supported by well trained professionals with years of experiences, quality grantee, maintain standard of excellences. We have never compromised on quality and have successfully achieved a high degree of client appreciations resulting in long-lasting relations. Our reputation for delivering the highest level of services in the region is constant and plays an important role in our success. We truly provide comprehensive translation services to our clients

from translation to editing and proofreading. We are fully committed to the project and are proud of the team which accomplishes the whole task in befitting and excellent manner.

Global Translation Services Center puts years of experience on your translation project from translation to certification and notarization. The proven ability of the company is a guarantee to successfully performance of  all the activities of translation projects with a competent team of experts with proven ability in the whole projects processing such as cost management, schedule control and quality assurance, which suits the expectations of the Donor Agencies within their  budget limitation.

Our technical translation department consisted of a team of dedicated, highly trained professionals who can solve any type of problem in all the relevant languages. We have fully collaboration and cooperation with our clients during the whole process of translation in friendly environment and share our experiences with them. We do emphasis on the following features in translation.

*      ………. Conception

*      ………. Concept Sketches

*      ………. Project management

*      ………. Project planning

*      ………. Cost Management

*      ………. Technical Translation Reviewer

*      ………. Technical analysis

*      ………. Design and formatting coordination

*      ………. Total Project scheduling

*      ………. Document quality




Our customer remain at the heart of our strategy, we strive to develop strategic partnership, working closely with customers to create cost- effective solutions that add genuine value to businesses. This focus pulls together the four cornerstones of our strategy to ensure that our day to day activities, how we invest to achieve growth and how we pan for the future, are built around the needs of customers and the long term development and upgrading the capacity of the people of Afghanistan.


Mission Statement:

 Our primary and long-term interests lie in upgrading capacity building, connecting people to knowledge, accelerating the process of education and bringing change, creating and rehabilitating infrastructure associated with the development of the urban economy.We are eager to recruit skillful or unskillful jobless Afghans particularly women to improve their work capacity and ultimately enable them to make their families life better.